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There are many networking configurations that can be applied in your place of business or even in your home. At Newage Computer Service we can visit your site discuss and plan the best network for your needs. Want to share your Internet connection with other computers? All you need to do is set up a network. The following is a brief description of different types of networks that you may want to consider.

  • Peer to Peer - Two or more computers connected together to share files and printers. This is one of the more simple networks that can be applied in a small office environment or even in the home.
  • Client/Server - One or more server (high end computers) with tape backup and virus protection connected to multiple workstation computers. The "client" computers store all of their data on the server where it is protected and backed up. The server can share files and printers as well as storing data securely by setting permissions so that only certain users can access certain data.
  • Wireless - One of the fastest growing forms of networking. This can also be done in a business environment as well as in the home.

Any of the above networking schemes may be right for you. Call now for a free on site evaluation and estimate.


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